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“Profectus developed an excellent method of simplifying the often overwhelming task of selecting the best management information system. In just a few weeks, they helped our company easily perform a analysis of providers and narrowed the field to a short list of finalists and select a new system. Their industry knowledge is invaluable. They even saved us money on the final negotiations. I would recommend Profectus' consulting practice to any graphics related company.”
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time

Don, Vice President Operations
Pratt Corp.
Indianapolis, IN
250 Employees
Sheetfed, Digital, Screen, Signs


"Based on my experience, I have no reservations recommending Profectus. They brought knowledge, experience and expertise to both engagements for which they were hired. Profectus approached the engagements with professionalism and was realistic with his recommendations.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Steve, Finance
V G Reed and Sons Inc, Louisville, KY
120 Employees
Web, Sheetfed, Fulfillment


“Craig is extremely knowledgeable in the printing industry. He has personal working experience in a production management capacity and it shows in his understanding and solution recommendations. He is very client focused and is completely committed to providing clients a 100% successful project. I highly recommend both Craig and the services he provides.”
Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

Elizabeth, Director I.T.
St. Joseph Communications
Ottawa, ON  Canada
680 employees, 62 locations
Commercial, Sheetfed, Web, Digital, Fulfillment


About Profectus

Profectus is a national consulting company that helps printing and packaging organizations improve their business by providing professional consulting services, seminars, publications, articles, white papers, studies, and educational programs. Profectus was founded in 1993 by Craig L. Press.


Profectus has contributed to the success of hundreds of small and large printing organizations throughout the United States and Canada spanning all industry segments. Our solutions are based on our exposure to hundreds of printing organizations and situations.


Our Consulting Team

Our team of consultants have over 150-years of combined experience in all facets of the printing and packaging industry including business practices, processes, management, sales & marketing, production, and information technology as consultants, owners, managers, buyers, and employees of printing companies. We have an extensive case knowledge base from years of exposure to hundreds of printing businesses & situations. We have contributed to the success of hundreds of printing and packaging industry organizations throughout North America.


Case Based Knowledge

The challenge for most printing organizations is that the ability to solve problems or improve the business is limited to the education and experience of its personnel and management. Companies can overcome this limitation by retaining a consultancy like Profectus, with a diversified case knowledgebase.


Case-based knowledge is becoming an increasingly imperative success factor for printing businesses. The idea is to solve new problems by implementing previous solutions to similar problems. The greater the knowledgebase, the more efficient and effective the problem resolution process.


Our consultants have first hand exposure to hundreds of printing organizations and situations. This wealth of knowledge perpetually grows with each new client and assignment. Giving us the insight to quickly see into a situation and produce solutions for even the most challenging situations.


Business Practices Expertise

Our consultants are proficient in the business practices necessary to run a successful printing organization. Combined our consultants have personal experience of all aspects of the printing business including sales & marketing, customer service, estimating, order entry, inventory control, production management, technologies, and cost accounting. Profectus frequency writes articles on various topics related to best business practices.


Management Software Expertise

Profectus' printing industry Management Information Systems (MIS) expertise has been acknowledged by the major printing trade magazines and associations. Profectus is proficient in ALL MIS technologies, capabilities, functionality, products, and vendors. Profectus frequency writes white papers and articles on various topics related to management information systems and e-commerce in the printing industry.


Definition of "Profectus"


Our company name “Profectus” was derived from the Latin word for “Profit”. Our organization's mission is to improve the efficiency, cost effectiveness, and profitability of our clients.


Profectus Pro*fec"tus, n. [Latin. advance, progress, profit]


1. The residual value gained from business operations.


2. Acquisition beyond expenditure; excess of value received for producing, keeping, or selling, over cost; hence pecuniary gain in any transaction or occupation; as, a profit on the sale of goods.


3. Accession of good; valuable results; useful consequences; to be of service or advantage; benefit; avail; gain

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