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Articles & Publications

Profectus occasionally contributes articles to popular printing industry publications such as the American Printer, Printing Impressions, and PIA Portfolio. Our articles cover a breadth of topics related to business management and information technology.


  • 100 Word or Less: How does a printer reap the greatest benefit from a management information system?, American Printer Magazine
  • Activity-Based Costing: A Penny-wise Tool That Measures… *, NAPL Special Report
  • Aim Your Message At the Right Audience*, Journal of Graphic Communications Management
  • An Efficient Pre-Production Workflow Saves Time & Money, IPMA
  • Find Your Optimal Marketing Message*, Journal of Graphic Communications Management
  • From Bricks-and-Mortar to E-Business, PIA Electronic Prepress Section
  • Hot Trends in Business Management Systems, PaperTronix
  • How to Know if Your Campaign Measures Up*, Journal of Graphic Communications Management
  • Improving Production: Pre-Production Workflow, GATFWorld
  • Improving Your Pre-Production Profits, GATFWorld
  • Information Technology In The Printing Industry-Implementing Business Management Software, White Paper, PIA E-Business Council & PIFE
  • Information Technology In The Printing Industry-Selecting Business Management Software, White Paper, PIA E-Business Council & PIFE
  • Management Information for Success, GATFWorld
  • Management Information Systems – Redefining the Organization and Delivery of Information, GATFWorld, Technology Forecast
  • Managers Pursue The 'High-Velocity' Workflow, Graphic Arts Monthly Magazine
  • Marketing Metamorphosis*, Journal of Graphic Communications Management
  • Maximizing ROI From Your Print Management System, NAPL Executive Insights
  • Measuring Efficiency, GAIN Tech Tips
  • MIS for midsize printers - MIS Selection Tips *, American Printer Magazine
  • MIS for Small Printers - MIS: Beyond The Basics *, American Printer Magazine
  • Moving Your Customer Service Department to an E-Business Model, PIA Digital Impact
  • Printers Work The 'Net, PIA Management Portfolio
  • Put Your Business Management System Into Overdrive, GATFWorld
  • Revitalize Your Accounting Processes with e-Commerce, PIA Management Portfolio
  • Salary Rates Steady*, Graphic Arts Monthly Magazine
  • Selecting a Business Management System, GATFWorld
  • Sheet-fed Operations: Something's Burning, American Printer Magazine
  • The Changing Landscape of Print Management Systems – Are You At Risk?
  • The New Face of Scheduling, American Printer Magazine
  • The Value of Shop Floor Data Collection, PIA Management Portfolio
  • To Use ABC or Not to Use ABC? *, NAPL Print Profit

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