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Our Customers & Testimonials

Printing companies throughout the United States and Canada have discovered the benefits of Profectus' services. Our customers range in size from 10 employees to 3,000 employees multi-plant companies. In fact, many of the Who’s Who of the Fortune 100 and 500 printing companies have used Profectus’ services.


Our customers represent every segment of the printing industry including commercial printers, print-on-demand digital printers, in-plant printers, pre-press trade, bindery trade, packaging converters, folding carton printers, label printers, publication printers, book printers, screen printers, sign printers, business forms printers, management software suppliers, and printing industry associations.


Executives, owners, CEO’s, CIO’s, CFO’s, Presidents, and managers charged with improving their organization come to Profectus to embrace new "out of the box" ideas and technologies that can improve their business.

Partial Customer List

Adage Productions, CA
Advance Business Graphics, CA
Advocate Printing Company, NS
Alexander's Digital Printing, UT
Ambassador Press, MN
Apperson Print Management, CA
Bartow Printing, FL
Bindagraphics, MD
Broudy Printing, PA
Canfield & Tack, NYbr> Cascades, ON
Central Intelligence Agency, VA
City of Colorado Springs, CO
Coastal Printing, Inc., FL
Creative Automation Graphics, IL
Devon Energy, OK
Dynacolor Graphics, FL
Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc., NH
EPI Printers, MI
Etiquetas Modernas, MC
Evatone, FL
FCL Graphics, IL
Federal Prisons UNICOR, VA
Fidelity Investments, MA
Foil Stamping & Embossing Assoc, KS
Foresight Group, MI
Fort Dearborn Lithograph, IL
Franklin Southland, LA
Gandy Printer, FL
Globe Die Cutting Products, NJ
Gill Studios, Kansas
Graphcom, PA
Graphic Arts Incorporated, PA
Graphic Visual Solutions, NC
Graph-Pak Corporation, IL
GTECH Corporation, FL
Hart Graphics, TX
Hartford Steam Boiler, MI
Harty Press, CT
Henry Wurst, MO
Hogan & Hartson L.L.P, DC
Homes & Land Publishing, FL
Host Communications., KY
Identco, IL
Imagine! Print Solutions, MN
Imperial Litho Cenveo, AZ
Interactive Composition, OR
ISO Manufacturing, FL
Jakprints, OH
Joplin Printing Company, MO
Kinko's Company Corporate, CA
KDM POP Solutions, OH
Magna IV, AR
Mail Handling Services, MN
MasterTag, MI
Mellon, Webster & Mellon, PA, PA
Merrill Corporation, MN Mustang Engineering, TX
North American Color, MI
Oliver Printing, OH
Omnipress, WI
Outlook Group, WI
Park Row Printing, FL
Petersen Graphics Group, IN
Poor Richard's Press, CA
Pratt Corporation, IN
Precise Corporate Printing, NY
Press Enterprise, PA
Principal Financial Group, IA
Print Runner, CA
Printing Association of Florida, FL
Printing Industries Of America, PA
Printing Industries Of Wisconsin, WI
Printing Industry Of Minnesota, MN
Printing Industry Of Midwest, MN
Printing Management Group, OR
Printworks, GA
Prisma Graphic, AZ
PSB Imaging, VA
Renaud, Cook, & Drury PA, AZ
RT Associates, IL
Saskatoon Fastprint, SK
Serbin Printing, FL
Sheridan Books, MI
Signature Announcements, Inc., FL
Simplicity Pattern Co, NY
Sir Speedy, PA
SOS Printing, CA
St Ives/Avanti/Case-Hoyt, FL
St Joseph Communications, ON
Stanislaus County Office of Ed., CA
Staples / Medical Arts Press, MN
Stouse, KS
Sunset Printing, NJ
The Fox Company, WI
The Hartford Steam Boiler, IL
The Leed Group, IN
Ticket Craft, NY
Trabon Printing, MO
Tri-State Publishing Company, OH
TV Guide Magazine Group, PA
United States Senate, DC
University Of California Davis, CA
University Of Nebraska Medical Center, NE
Unum Life Insurance, ME
Vanguard Printing, LLC, NY
Verizon Communications, TX
Vermillion, NH
VG Reed and Sons, KY
Walle Corporation, GA
Warecraft Press, FL
West Texas Printing, TX
Wilcox Press, NY
Zachry Associates, TX


“We hired Profectus to assist us in streamlining our workflow to fit in with the implementation of our new ERP system. They were able to provide us much insight and helped us to drive out many inefficiencies throughout this entire process. We could have never realized the same success without their assistance.”

Gene, Operations Manager
Outlook Group,Neenah, WI
640 employees, 3 locations
Flexography, Sheetfed, Digital, Commercial, Packaging, Labels


“Craig is extremely knowledgeable in the printing industry. He has personal working experience in a production management capacity and it shows in his understanding and solution recommendations. He is very client focused and is completely committed to providing clients a 100% successful project. I highly recommend both Craig and the services he provides.”
Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

Elizabeth, Director I.T.
St. Joseph Communications
Ottawa, ON  Canada
680 employees, 62 locations
Commercial, Sheetfed, Web, Digital, Fulfillment


“Profectus helped us select a MIS for our printing company. They are thorough and focused. Their knowledge helped us make the best choice and their training and follow up during installation was excellent. Profectus are good communicators and makes you feel like lifetime friends.”

Ron, Finance manager
SOS Printing, Inc
San Diego, California
45 employees
Commercial Printer Sheetfed, Web, Digital


“Provided a candid assessment of our system. Identified our requirements for a new system and products that could support them. I highly recommend Profectus. They are VERY DETAILED, objective, and open minded.”

Thomas, CFO
Clear Lam Packaging, Inc.
Chicago, IL
300 employees, 3 locations
Flexography, Packaging


“We have used Craig and his company Profectus many times to deliver seminars and workshops for our printing members, he always receives high remarks and does a wonderful job. Attendees are always happy leaving sessions!”

Kristin Davis
Director of Education
Printing Industry Midwest
Roseville, MN
Industry Association


“We engaged Profectus to help us find an ERP system for our label business because of their proven approach, process, and the time savings. Profectus identified critical requirements that we would have not thought of without their help. We are not in the business of searching for software.”

Carl, Finance Manager
Etiquetas Modernas
Mexico City
90 employees
Labels, Flexography, Fulfillment


"Based on my experience, I have no reservations recommending Profectus. They brought knowledge, experience and expertise to both engagements for which they were hired. Profectus approached the engagements with professionalism and was realistic with his recommendations.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Steve, Finance
V G Reed and Sons Inc, Louisville, KY
120 Employees
Web, Sheetfed, Fulfillment


“Evatone engaged the services of Profectus to implement our new enterprise software. Profectus has done a great job of working with and involving our people here. We were up and running in 6 months for a completely new enterprise system! Profectus did not do this alone, but he did help to guide, instruct and keep the project on track. They helped to mentor our staff and worked to resolve obstacles. It was and continues to be a pleasure to work with Profectus.”
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Doug, Vice President Manufacturing
Evatone, Inc., Clearwater, FL
450 employees
Commercial, Sheetfed, Digital, Optical Disks, Fulfillment, e-Business


“Craig is an excellent instructor who relates very well
with his audience. He consistently receives
very high ratings on evaluations.”

George Ryan, CEO
Printing Association of Florida
Orlando, FL
Industry Association

“We hired Profectus to provide expertise and guidance in implementing a Lean Office workflow. They bring a thorough and methodical approach to projects. Their guidance was instrumental in helping us refine our processes in order to achieve a more efficient and profitable workflow.”

Kristi, COO
Magna IV Communications
Little Rock, Arkansas
60 employees
Commercial Printer, Sheetfed, Digital, Large Format


“Profectus' expertise was a very good fit to help us find a new MIS system. We accomplished in a very short time what would have taken us at least a year on our own; and without as good of results. I absolutely recommend Profectus. We could not have done this project with them.”

Brain, Director of IT
KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group
Cincinnati, OH
250 employees, 4 locations
Sheetfed, Large-Format, Digital, Screen, Signs, POP, Commercial, Fabrications


“I would like to personally take a moment to recommend Profectus. Profectus worked with our systems and production experts as we were choosing and implementing our Enterprise production management system. Profectus took the time to make sure that all involved understood the complex interactions, between the various modules and, delivered an on time under budget solution. Who could ask for more.”

Denny, Manager
Staples Corporation (Medical Arts Press)
Minneapolis, MN
220 employees
Commercial, Quick, Flexography, Sheetfed, Web


“Craig has conducted several of the more popular workshops at the Institute for Graphics and Imaging. Each of these workshops was well received by the participants and Craig had professionally prepared materials to support his presentations. The IGI looks forward to working with Craig again in the future.”

Ron Dahl, Executive Director
Institute for Graphics and Imaging
Pewaukee, WI
Nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing printing, publishing and related industries


“Profectus developed an excellent method of simplifying the often overwhelming task of selecting the best management information system. In just a few weeks, they helped our company easily perform a analysis of providers and narrowed the field to a short list of finalists and select a new system. Their industry knowledge is invaluable. They even saved us money on the final negotiations. I would recommend Profectus' consulting practice to any graphics related company.”
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time

Don, Vice President Operations
Pratt Corp.
Indianapolis, IN
250 Employees
Sheetfed, Digital, Screen, Signs


“We are very satisfied with the consulting service that was provided. I would recommend Profectus to other professionals in this industry without question. In fact, we plan on using Profectus in other areas of our company in the future.”

John, President
Tandem Printing
Eagan, MN
32 Employees
Sheetfed, Digital, Mailing, Commercial, Promotional


Profectus' work was a critical factor in the success of a large project. Their industry and business process knowledge were invaluable.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Steve, IS Project Manager
Staples Corporation (Medical Arts Press)
Minneapolis, MN
220 employees
Commercial, Quick, Flexography, Sheetfed, Web


"We hired Profectus to help us in streamlining our workflow to fit in with the implementation of our new ERP system. Profectus has been able to provide us much insight and has helped us to drive out many inefficiencies throughout this entire process. We could have never realized the same success without their assistance.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Gene, Operations Manager
Outlook Group,Neenah, WI
640 employees, 3 locations
Flexography, Sheetfed, Digital, Commercial, Packaging, Labels


“Printing Industries of America regularly calls on Craig Press for program delivery and consulting due to his valuable knowledge and delivery skills as well as his industry focus. Craig has presented with PIA over the years well over 10 different topics. We enjoy working with him and the results meet or exceed our expectations.”

Mary Garnett
Executive Vice President
Printing Industries of America
Sewickley, PA
Industry Association

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