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Profectus' consultants have over 150-years of combined printing industry experience.  We have contributed to the success of in-plant operations throughout North America including:

  • AAA
  • Briggs Corporation
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • City of Colorado Springs
  • Devon Energy
  • Florida Medical Association
  • Fidelity Investments
  • International Speedway Corp
  • Mustang Engineering
  • Principle Financial
  • Stanislaus County Office of Ed.
  • UNICOR Federal Prison Industries
  • United States Senate
  • University Of California Davis
  • University of Nebraska
  • Verizon Communications

All of this experience is available to you when we consult your organization. more>


In-Plant Printing & Mailing Operations

Outsourcing threats, tight deadlines, charge-back procedures, budget reductions, and the proliferation of new technologies are all concerns of today's in-plant operations. Maybe your organization is suffering from growing pains from adding more people, equipment, work, or procedures


To be survive in today’s in-plant environment, you constantly look for better ways to improve your operation. You revise your company procedures, structure, paperwork, and technology. Over time, even the most well conceived business practices become obsolete, inefficient, and unresponsive. These inefficiencies often create other problems: hampered workflow, production delays, reduced efficiency, and increased costs.


Profectus provides a suite of consulting solutions for improving the service, quality, and cost efficiency of a In-Plant Printing & Reprographics Department.  Solutions that span an entire printing organization from front office to back end operations. All of these solutions have a common objective  - to help in-plant operations improve their profits, efficiency, productivity, cost effectiveness, and customer relationships.


In-plant Assessments

Our assessments for In-Plant Printing and Reprographics departments smooth out your operations with a complete analysis of your organization and recommendations for improvement. An expert consultant comes to your facility and conducts one-on-one and group interviews with management and key employees to learn, understand, and accurately assess your operation. You receive an report that clearly identifies your organization's specific strengths and weaknesses and recommended solutions to bring the operation to peak performance, cost efficiency, and profitability.


In-Plant Department Validation & Cost Justification

Corporate and government agencies are increasingly challenging maintaining an in-plant printing department verses outsourcing the printing. Profectus can validate the best solution by conducting a detail analysis of your in-plant printing and reprographics operation. Our consultants analyze the cost, quality, and service of your in-plant operation and compare it to buying printing on the outside. An efficiently run in-plant printing department can save a corporation as much as 45% in printing costs verses buying it on the outside.


Computer Management Software Selection & Implementation

Whether you need help assessing your current IT situation, choosing the right software solution for your needs, or implementing it efficiently, you'll find the expertise and resources you need with Profectus Management Software Consulting Solutions.


Process & Workflow Optimization

Profectus' Process Optimization solution delivers results that improve a printing organization's business processes, workflow, performance, cost efficiency, and customer value. Through our experience with similar projects we transfer knowledge, skills, and provide resources that may not be available within your organization. Our recommendations integrate best practices into the fabric of your organization to ensure sustainability.


Cost Accounting & Chargeback Management

Profectus' expert consultants can solve your cost accounting problems by providing a systematic and uniform approach to establishing and preserving "True Costs". We use a straightforward closed-loop methodology for measuring your costs, establishing hourly cost rates, managing chargebacks, tuning your estimating and costing systems, and recovering all of your expenses with revenue. We provide insight to all of your costs and activities that impact your bottom-line.


Customer Satisfaction Studies

Profectus can provide you with a customer satisfaction study that measures the level of customer satisfaction with your products and services from the "Voice" of your customers and identifies factors important to customers in evaluating and using your organization.

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