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Profectus Craig Press speaks at Caesars Palace about Non-Value Added Activities Waste in printing companies


“Craig is an excellent instructor who relates very well with his audience. He consistently receives
very high ratings on evaluations.”

George Ryan, CEO
Printing Association of Florida
Orlando, FL


“Printing Industries of America regularly calls on Craig Press for program delivery and consulting due to his valuable knowledge and delivery skills as well as his industry focus. Craig has presented with PIA over the years well over 10 different topics. We enjoy working with him and the results meet or exceed our expectations.”

Mary Garnett
Executive Vice President
Printing Industries of America
Sewickley, PA


“We have used Craig and his company Profectus many times to deliver seminars and workshops for our printing members, he always receives high remarks and does a wonderful job. Attendees are always happy leaving sessions!” 

Kristin Davis
Director of Education
Printing Industry Midwest
Roseville, MN


“Craig has conducted several of the more popular workshops at the Institute for Graphics and Imaging. Each of these workshops was well received by the participants and Craig had professionally prepared materials to support his presentations. The IGI looks forward to working with Craig again in the future.”

Ron Dahl
Executive Director
Institute for Graphics and Imaging
Pewaukee, WI


Seminars & Speaking Engagements

Profectus provides partial or full day seminars on various topics related to business processes, cost accounting, estimating, management, and business management systems. Each seminar is customized for the audience, event, and schedule. If you are interested in have Profectus provide one of these seminars for your company or meeting, call (888) 868-8662.


Profectus has provided seminars and speaking engagements for numerous printing industry organizations including:

  • Printing Industries of Wisconsin (PIW)
  • Printing Industry of Minnesota (PIMN)
  • Printing Industries of America (PIA)
  • Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF)
  • The Institute for Graphics and Imaging (IGI)
  • Printing Industries of America e-Commerce Council
  • National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL)
  • Graphic Arts Marketing Information Service (GAMIS)
  • Printing Industry Financial Executives (PIFE)
  • Foil Stamping & Embossing Association (FSEA)
  • International Publishing Management Association (IPMA)
  • Printing Association of Florida (PAF)
  • International Association for Document & Information (IBFI)
  • Printing organizations of all industry segments
  • Printing management software vendor user conferences


Example Topics:

  • Lean Printing Office - Learn how to apply the Toyota Production System principles to your administrative environment to improve workflow, improve office productivity, reduce overhead costs, and enhance the ability to meet customer demands.
  • Maximizing Your Information Technology ROI - Optimize the capabilities of your management system.
  • Evaluating & Selecting Business Management Systems - This session provides a determination formula for evaluating and purchasing a best-fit business management system.
  • Best Practices for Printing Estimating & Planning - Improve your understanding of estimating and pricing practices and processes.
  • Advanced Printing Estimating & Planning - Designed for experienced estimators who want to improve their estimating and planning skills.
  • Best Practices for Establishing True Cost - Learn a straightforward closed-loop approach for measuring costs and recovering your expenses with sales.
  • Preparing Your Budgeted Hourly Cost Rates - A interactive workshop that teaches you how to develop and calculate hourly cost rates of your production equipment and employees. Participants develop budgeted hourly cost rates on their Laptop computer during the workshop.
  • Improving Your Business Practices and Processes - Learn how to implement a business process improvement initiative that will smooth your workflow, lower costs, improve service, and increase profits.
  • Pricing Strategies for the New Economy - Learn how to develop a pricing strategy that will increase sales and capture the maximum profitability from your customers.
  • Optimizing Your Company's Performance - Learn how how to improve the overall performance of your operation.
  • Benchmarking Your Printing Operation - Learn how to measure and improve the overall performance of your operation.
  • Assessing, Selecting, Planning And Deploying Of Successful Management Information Systems
  • Best Practices for Pre-Production Workflow
  • Implementing A Waste Reduction Program
  • Critical Information For Managing Your Printing Company

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