Financial ratios & analysis software for printing and packaging businesses.

With todayís volatile economy, printing organizations must be armed with the best possible information and tools to sustain the business and support future growth. Profectusí printing industry financial ratios and best practices analysis tool is one of them. evaluates your financial information and provides insight into your firmís overall health. It takes your financial statement, balance sheet, and other information and benchmarks it against other printing and packaging organizations that have participated in the study. Over 100 quantitative industry specific ratios and benchmarks measure your firm's liquidity, operations, efficiency, solvency, profitability, business practices, and other key performance metrics. provides a clear picture into your ratios and benchmarks with calculation methods, tables, graphs, diagrams, summaries, detail explanations, and recommended strategies for improvements.

Not only is an important tool for your own management team, but itís also valuable for securing a loan or line-of-credit with your bank, establishing credit with suppliers, providing management incentives, pursuing investors, and engaging outside business analysts and consultants.

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Example Printing Industry Financial Ratios
Current Ratio
Quick Ratio (Acid Test Ratio)
Cash Asset Ratio
Days Cash For Operating Expenses Ratio
Net Profit Per Factory Employee Ratio
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