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  • Assesses the current state of the IT environment, including current functionality, integration, data availability, capacity, and resources
  • Identifies the areas requiring improvement and the barriers which need to be eliminated
  • Identifies the gaps where the current IT environment is insufficient to meet the administrative and production computing needs of your organization
  • Highlights the opportunities and constraints imposed by the culture and environment of your organization
  • Supports your organization in articulating the vision for the effective use of Information Technology
  • Provides recommendations for closing gaps in the current IT environment
  • Identifies appropriate next steps and create action plans for implementing these recommendations

ERP / Management Information Systems
Current State Risk Assessments

Running your business with substandard, outdated, or improperly implemented software may be putting our company at risk! The more an organization depends on a management information system the higher the risks may be. A risk assessment can identify positive opportunities and/or negative threats.


Profectus’ software assessments are designed to quickly baseline the current “as-is” state of your company's information technology and compare your situation to printing industry accepted technologies. This assessment identifies where your information technology investment presently is and where it should be relative to your business objectives.


Profectus measures the risk of your situation based on 9 or more criteria's. Each criterion carries a risk weight based on the hazards they bring to your organization. By proactively identifying the risks, appropriate precautions can be put in place to eliminate or otherwise manage them.


Our software assessment will help you gain a thorough understanding of your organization, pinpoint gaps in your systems, determine if your business is at risk, and identify opportunities for improvement. Our recommendations take in consideration not only at your immediate needs, but also where you need to be for the future.







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