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“Profectus developed an excellent method of simplifying the often overwhelming task of selecting the best management information system. In just a few weeks, they helped our company easily perform a analysis of providers and narrowed the field to a short list of finalists and select a new system. Their industry knowledge is invaluable. They even saved us money on the final negotiations. I would recommend Profectus' consulting practice to any graphics related company.”
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time

Don, Vice President Operations
Pratt Corp.
Indianapolis, IN
250 Employees
Sheetfed, Digital, Screen, Signs


ERP / Management Information Systems
Implementation Services - New or Old

You just made one of your toughest decisions and purchased a new print management system for your business. Or maybe you have a system you just can’t seem to get fully utilized.


A print management system is a major capital investment by any measure. It requires a significant amount of resources and commitment to implement, easily costing you thousands of hours and dollars. When properly utilized, a business management system will provide generous paybacks to your printing organization by reducing costs, improving productivity, improving customer relations, increasing profits, and empowering your people with timely and useful information. Many printers stake their competitiveness, financial stability, and future on the outcome. The risks can be high.


Profectus provides the printing industry’s most comprehensive solution for implementing management systems – from front office operations like sales, estimating, order entry, and finance, to back end operations such as scheduling, production, shipping, fulfillment, and distribution. We reduce your implementation costs, free up resources, and eliminate interruptions to your business by managing the implementation, setting-up your data, realigning business processes, and keeping the project moving. The faster you get your solution in place, the sooner you will realize a return on your investment.


Project Preparation & Planning

Poor planning is the cause of over 80% of failed software implementations. Profectus consultants work with your organization to prepare a road map for implementing a system. The plan provides your company with a clear vision of the journey forward, keeps the project moving at a steady pace, eliminates duplication of effort, ensures that the project is in control, and maximizes the use of your resources.


Implementation Plan

Data Setup & Optimization

Building the databases that control your system including your cost centers, processes, hourly cost rates, production standards, materials, and chart of accounts. We also assist in planning and mapping data conversions from your old system to your new system.



Coordinate training classes with your organization and the software vendor, and workshops to educate your staff on system concepts, sales, marketing, estimating, planning, order entry, inventory, production, cost accounting, and management reports.


Business Practices

Realigning your business practices as warranted by the capabilities of your management system.


Reports Setup

Identify and design top-level action-oriented reports action-oriented reports that measure the performance of each area of your business and educate your people on what the information means and how to proactively act on the information to improve operations.


Pilot Testing

Profectus helps your team prepare and run pilot tests to check the system’s setup, capabilities, overall performance, until the results are adequate for live operation.


Post Implementation Training

Post Implementation Training is designed to identify the system capabilities that are underutilized and institute actions that will maximize the potential and benefits of the management system.

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