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  • In just weeks you will thoroughly narrow down a long list of products to a single “Best Fit” solution for your organization
  • You will be confident that you have considered the full gamut of products and options before investing in a system.
  • Saves your organization hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars researching products
  • Our proven Request For Proposals (RFP) and contract negotiations will lower your investment costs and save you from costly errors
  • Our expertise and professionalism will bring credibility to your project and promote employee buy-in; greatly improving your selection process and the implementation of your new system


“Provided a candid assessment of our system. Identified our requirements for a new system and products that could support them. I highly recommend Profectus. They are VERY DETAILED, objective, and open minded.”

Thomas, CFO
Clear Lam Packaging, Inc.
Chicago, IL
300 employees, 3 locations
Flexography, Packaging


“We engaged Profectus to help us find an ERP system for our label business because of their proven approach, process, and the time savings. Profectus identified critical requirements that we would have not thought of without their help. We are not in the business of searching for software.”

Carl, Finance Manager
Etiquetas Modernas
Mexico City
90 employees
Labels, Flexography, Fulfillment


“Profectus' expertise was a very good fit to help us find a new MIS system. We accomplished in a very short time what would have taken us at least a year on our own; and without as good of results. I absolutely recommend Profectus. We could not have done this project with them.”

Brain, Director of IT
KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group
Cincinnati, OH
250 employees, 4 locations
Sheetfed, Large-Format, Digital, Screen, Signs, POP, Commercial, Fabrications



“Profectus developed an excellent method of simplifying the often overwhelming task of selecting the best management information system. In just a few weeks, they helped our company easily perform a analysis of providers and narrowed the field to a short list of finalists and select a new system. Their industry knowledge is invaluable. They even saved us money on the final negotiations. I would recommend Profectus' consulting practice to any graphics related company.”
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time

Don, Vice President Operations
Pratt Corp.
Indianapolis, IN
250 Employees
Sheetfed, Digital, Screen, Signs


ERP / Management Information Systems
Evaluation & Selection Consulting Services

Business and production management systems for the printing and packaging industry provide a rich and diverse set of options for organizations. The abundance of options can, however, make the process of selecting the most appropriate solutions a daunting task. Especially with over 100 products to choose from. You hope to make the right decision, but you do not have the expertise, time, or resources to thoroughly evaluate the countless systems so that you can make an informative and confident decision.


Profectus' consultants can help you make the right software investment decision. Our software selection approach is designed to help printing organizations confidently evaluate and find a solution that will best fit their needs. It is based on a proven methodology that has help printing and packaging organization throughout North America evaluate, purchase, and implement systems.


Profectus is the industry’s leading authority on systems and has a profound understanding of the vendors, software products, functionality, features, successes, and failures from:


  • 30-years of helping printers evaluate and purchase systems
  • observed over 500 product demonstrations
  • participated in over 200 implementations
  • involved with over 100 software sales contracts and negotiations
  • regularly conducts product and satisfaction surveysFunnel Strategy
  • involvement with industry associations and committees


Funnel Strategy

Using a “Funnel Strategy” we initially benchmark your requirements against over 150 printing industry management systems and through a logical cycle we filter out the unsuitable products, eventually leading your organization to a best-fit solution. You will be confident that you have considered all options before investing in a system. The entire process only takes between 8 and 12 weeks!


Proprietary Product Database

We've invested over 15 years and thousands of hours developing a comprehensive database of over 100 software products available to the printing and packaging industry. Our proprietary database contains over 100,000 software functions and features available in products covering every aspect of a system; from e-commerce, through order entry, production, JDF, and accounting. This powerful database will help you rapidly find a software solution based on factual data rather than sales hype and emotions.


Detail Requirements

One of our senior consultants works with your team to identify and prioritize your business and software requirements referencing our proprietary database of over 1,500 software functions available in systems.


Requirements are defined for all aspects of a system:

  • Hardware
  • Internet e-Commerce
  • Web-To-Print
  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Estimating / Pricing
  • Order Entry
  • Change Orders
  • Job Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Production
  • Shop Data Collection
  • CIM/JDF/JMF Shipping
  • Purchasing
  • Raw Inventory
  • Finished Inventory
  • Job Costing
  • Billing/Invoicing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Payroll
  • Fixed Assets
  • Reports
  • KPI Benchmarks
  • Dashboard


Search for Best-Fit Solution

Analysis of products to identify a short list of products that come closest to your organization’s requirements using our proprietary product database.


Request For Proposal (RFP)

A system Request For Proposal (RFP) ready to send to software vendors so you receive competitive prices and the appropriate information to support your software investment decision and protect your investment.


Product Comparison Study

You get a comprehensive product comparison study that weighs the capabilities of each product against your requirements.


Proposals Review

Interpretation and analysis of vendor proposals with your team to identify the suitable and cost prohibitive products. Product Comparison


Product Demonstrations and Scripts

Our consultants orchestrate and manage the product demos so you receive a good representation of how each product will function in your environment. Our consultants work with your team to develop detail scripts for the prospective vendors to follow during their onsite demonstration so your team gets a fair comparison of each product.


Product Evaluation Tools

We provide your team with numerous evaluation tools designed to help each team member document and track each product’s and make an informed decision.


Unbiased Recommendations

Profectus is a vendor-independent organization. We do not sell software, develop software, or represent any of the software providers. The products we consider and the recommendations we provide are absolutely unbiased and solely in our customers best interest.


Contract Negotiations

Our experience with vendor strategies for pricing and working through contract issues can protect your interests, maximize your buying power, lower your investment costs, and can save you costly errors.


Return-On-Investment Analysis

Often a return on investment analysis is needed to support the justification and approval of software expenditures. Using your organization's figures, Profectus can prepare a detail report that identifies the potential return-on-investment your company could realize from a system.


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